A Wisp of Faith

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A Wisp of Faith

From Christian Fiction Author, Chrystal Gilkey
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Every cloud has a silver lining . . . right?        


Unexpectedly out of a job, Meteorologist Mercedes Lewis responds to an intriguing email about a strange weather anomaly in Shady Springs. Carrying the burden of past hurts and an uncertain future, she heads to the small town hoping to uncover a story that will get her career—and her life—back on track.

Pastor Grant Ford’s ministry hangs in the balance—on a cloud. Literally. The people of Shady Springs have long believed the unique cloud that has hovered over the area for more than a century is a symbol of God’s approval of their beloved town. But as the cloud diminishes, so does their faith in Grant’s leadership.  

While Grant tries desperately to hold his church family together, Mercedes struggles with the decision to allow God to take control of her life.

Join Grant and Mercedes on a journey of faith as they uncover the past and search for the truth about God’s plan for the future of Shady Springs and for themselves. 

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