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Behind the Scenes of A Wisp of Faith: Quarantine in 1850

When I began to outline A Wisp of Faith, I knew I wanted one of my characters from the past to be forced to abandon his home. I used for my fact-finding. I loved the way I could clip the articles and save them. It also allowed me to see what other people had clipped.

I learned about a cholera pandemic that ran rampant in the 19th century, killing millions of people. Here are a few of my clips on quarantine and the cholera pandemic. . .

The thought of being buried alive or taphophobia, is just terrifying. I wonder if this was one of those cases that helped spurn the thought of having some sort of bell at the graveside in those instances of grave misfortune. (Sorry I couldn't help it!)

Those traveling by steamboat to St. Louis had to stop at Quarantine Island and get checked out. If they had symptoms of cholera they had to remain on the island until they recovered or died.

An article about cholera in Union County, Arkansas.

The above article reminds me of present day scientist and doctors at work battling our own pandemic. And the last line, how appropriate-- None but the Great Being, who in his Providence has sent the infliction upon us, can tell aught of its future progress.

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