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HOPE ALONG THE JOURNEY featuring Mark Cravens

"With 33 years of experience in ministry, Mark Cravens brings a wealth of insight into his work with people. His work as a conference administrator and as a college professor gives him unique perception into temperaments and relationships. His experience as a hospice chaplain adds to his understanding of the difficulties of human experience. His past and present work in pastoral ministry give him the ability to bring the hope of Christ to every discussion . . . As founder and director of Hope Along the Journey, Mark wants to connect with you in your everyday dilemmas and help you experience God’s grace and healing and hope."

~Author, Valorie Quesenberry

This summer I had the privilege of being a guest on several podcasts. My first podcast recording made was with Pastor Mark Cravens on Hope Along the Journey. I remember feeling extremely nervous and him being so patient and kind. It's obvious he has a heart for people and ministry. I'm honored to share our Q&A with you today and some links to my favorite episodes.

Tell us about your journey in becoming a pastor. When did you get the call?

My call to preach came when I was eleven years old. I was attending a youth camp at the time and was overcome with an awareness that this would be my calling in life. Unfortunately, I avoided it until I was seventeen, but, thankfully, I gave my life to Christ at that time and accepted His calling on my life.

What was your motivation for starting a podcast?

During the covid pandemic, it seemed that there was little hope be found anywhere. Coupled with that, there had been a season in my life and ministry when I felt overcome with hopelessness and came to realize how vital a sense of hope is in our lives. So, when I felt the Holy Spirit urging me to do it, I stepped out on faith.

What kind of guest(s) are you currently looking for your podcast?

As a rule, I usually have someone with a story of hope to share with others. But I also interview pastors and Christian counselors to offer advice and encouragement as well.

What projects are you working on next?

I am currently working on becoming a Certified Life Coach and have enrolled in a program that should be completed this fall/winter. At the first of the year, I am starting a devotional book that I plan to have ready for the winter of 2023

What is your best advice to someone out there wanting to start their own podcast?

Build a team. Gather around you people who will give you ideas, hold you accountable, and will give you the critique you need to hear. Secondly, let it grow at its own pace. Start small and then keep moving forward. Thirdly, connect and collaborate with other podcasters who are successful. And thirdly, don’t quit!! Like anything, your podcast will have its ups and downs, but the successful podcasters refused to quit in the tough times.

Listen to our conversation about overcoming church hurt on the Hope Along the Journey Podcast here.

A few of my favorite episodes-

Connect with Mark through LinkedIn and Instagram

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