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Writing Christian Fiction 4 of 4

Once you have your framework and foundation you can begin to write. Schedule time for your writing and try to limit interruptions. I decided to make my kids go to bed earlier so I could have quiet time to write. (My children are early risers!) Pull out that chapter synopsis and have fun. Don't worry about writing the "right" way.

You do you.

Ask yourself how.

How is my character going to get to point A? How is my character going to make that critical revelation that will alter his story? How will this character die? etc

Ask yourself why.

Why is my antagonist the way he/she is? Why doesn't my MC like motorcycles?

To me asking who, what and when, kind of falls into the how and why which I like to simplify. Two simple questions to ask is a lot less overwhelming. I also think how and why will give you a deeper understanding of your characters.

Be wary of the word was. It usually indicates you are telling the story instead of showing the story. Telling in Christian fiction can also equate to preachy.

Let your characters show transformation through their attitudes and actions.

Save your copy and then save your back up copy. My manuscript was in google drive but I still emailed it to myself and to my husband just in case.

There are hundreds of writing tips you could research to help you on your writing journey, but it's time to stop delaying the inevitable and to start. You can change anything when you begin editing, but you cannot edit what you have not written!

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