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A Wisp of Faith Book Release

This week A Wisp of Faith was released to the world! I've felt overwhelmed trying to process my feelings about this week because they've been all over the place. It's been such an exciting and humbling experience.

My release day didn't go exactly as planned. The plan was to do a Facebook live with my colleague to celebrate and announce winners to the giveaways we had going on for preorders. However, my co-host got sick and I had to change the location the day of. My daughter Carley filled in and we had it at home--complete with a pop-in visit from my six year old son and several appearances from my cat in the background.😂

I scripted out a plan and used Streamyard for a more professional appearance. Although, between my children and cat, I'm not quite sure we achieved that level of professionalism.

We had a lot of fun though! I gave away some ebooks and t-shirts I had specially designed for my book. (Thank you Boochie B's!)

We had some special promotions leading up to release day--a member push for our Facebook group Wisp of Faith, most shares on social media with #awispoffaith, and every preorder was entered into a drawing.

Despite everything, I would say it was a successful book release. We made Amazon's top 100 bestseller list in the contemporary Christian category and ranked #5 in new releases for the same category. I can't wait to start reading some reviews.

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