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Agency: Stop Asking Permission

Last week I went to a conference hosted by Igniting Souls Publishing Agency. I had the best time meeting and collaborating with other authors. I also got to present my book on the stage which was nerve-racking. I was proud I remembered what I was supposed to say even though I exited the stage the wrong way. 😅

The theme of this year's conference was Agency: Deeper not Wider. There were some amazing speakers. One of my big take-aways from Kary Oberbrunner's session was that I needed more agency. Agency is the ability to act independently, making free choices. I've always sort of had to seek permission before making any decision.

I found myself constantly asking others-- Is this okay? Should I do this? I would choose what would make them happy even if that choice made me miserable. Deep down, I actually wanted to be told what to do. 😬 It's one thing to ask someone for counsel, it's another thing to ask for consent.

God gave us agency. He gave us free will. When we are connected to Him, we should be confident in our choices. Take counsel, but the only permission we need on this earth is from ourselves.

Do you struggle with the need to have permission?

If you are interested in attending next year's conference you can get your ticket here.

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