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Behind the Scenes of A Wisp of Faith: Ghost Town Road Trip!

When I began to write A Wisp of Faith, I faced the dilemma of basing my book on an actual town or totally going fictional. For my book, I needed a town that had been abandoned. So I researched some Arkansas ghost towns and sweet talked my husband and children into a road trip! In truth, my children were ready to go--the hubby not so much.

The town of Bolding, Arkansas seemed like a perfect location and it was only about an hour away. Here are a few pics from our journey.

On a whim I took this picture because it looked creepy. Later on, when I looked to the left of the picture, I saw some crazy pixilation in the shape of a man.

Here is a close up. Can you see it?

We drove around forever trying to find the old church ruins and we finally found the stairs. You could barely see them through the brush.

stone steps (in the center of picture)

Our last stop was the cemetery.

I did find this memorial in the cemetery which I thought was interesting.

A couple of tips if you decide to take a trip out to Bolding.

  1. There are a few people who still reside in Bolding so be mindful.

  2. Dirt roads- don't go if it's been raining

In the end, Bolding turned out to be to far east for the location in my story and I decided to create a fictional town. Have you ever been to a ghost town? What was your experience?

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