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Book Swag

In my last post, I mentioned having a T-shirt designed for my book, A Wisp of Faith. There are so many different things you can do for book swag. It's kind of like falling down a rabbit hole because of all the options--mugs, bookmarks, tea bag wrappers, pens, pencils, book bags. . . The possibilities are endless.

I had a limited budget so I spent a lot of time researching price points as well. I ended up starting out with stickers, postcards and bookmarks. I designed all using Canva. I LOVE Canva! It is a creatives playland. You can design pretty much anything with it.

The first thing I created were stickers. I decided to print through Shutterstock because I had a coupon. However, I wasn’t too crazy with the quality of print. This was the original design. I created them before I had the book cover designed. I'm probably going to redo them to match the cover.

I designed my bookmarks again through Canva but had them printed through UPrinting. Canva doesn't provide printing for their bookmarks. I was impressed with the professional quality of UPrinting and would use them again. On the back of my bookmark, I put the QR code to the book trailer for my book.

The last bit of swag I created was my postcard. These I actually ordered through Canva. When I received them in the mail, I fell even more in love with Canva. Their packaging is on point!

If you are an author, what book swag have you created for your book baby? If you are a reader, what kind of book swag do you treasure?

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