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Measuring Backwards

Last month I attended the Igniting Souls Conference. It was inspiring to be around so many entrepreneurs, coaches, authors and speakers. I really enjoyed Dan Sullivan speaking about content from his new book The Gap and The Gain.

As a teacher, I try to foster a growth mindset in my classroom. My students set goals and we celebrate growth made.

However, I’ve never really thought about applying that to myself. 😂

Instead of measuring up to our ideal, Dan says to measure backwards. Highly successful people are often unhappy because they are measuring towards their ideal. I realized I have not been giving myself the same grace I give my students. I ‘ve been frustrating myself on what I haven’t achieved instead of celebrating and being grateful for the steps I ’ve made. Even though I haven’t accomplished everything I ‘ve wanted to yet, I praise God for every step closer He has granted me to take.

How do you measure growth? To learn more, here is a link to a podcast interview with Dan.

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