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Risky Business

Last month I tried something new. An opportunity came and I took a risk. It started with a post on LinkedIn calling for writer submissions for an online Christian magazine. Intrigued, I conducted a little background research. (Basically, I looked at the magazine's website, their statement of faith, and stalked other contributor's SM sites. 😂) From there, I decided to take another step and contact them directly for more information.

My heart palpitated when I sent that email--no joke. What if they rejected my submission and told me to give up writing?

Here are a few things I asked myself to see if this is worth the risk. . .

Does this align with my why?

The purpose of my writing is to encourage and inspire others in their walk with the Lord. Being published in a faith-based magazine absolutely went with my goals/aspirations in writing.

Would this be worth the time invested?

I am trying to finish my next novel, work full time, be a decent mother and wife, keep up with my own social media. . .the list goes on and on. This was not a paying gig. However, the magazine had a far reach to other people in other countries. Farther reach=More impact

Is this something I even like doing?

I had no clue on this one because I'd never written an article before. You never know unless you try it right?

So long story short. . . I went for it, and they published my submission! I discovered I enjoyed a new type of writing and hopefully encouraged someone.

You can read my first article, Loving the Unlovable here.

And my second article, A Legacy of Forgiveness here (on p56).

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