UNHACKABLE MOMS featuring Michelle Weidenbenner

Michelle Weidenbenner is the founder of Moms Letting Go Without Giving Up

and the All-Mighty Mom Tribe – private support groups for moms of addicted

loved ones. There are close to 2,000 moms in her groups.

She’s a passionate podcaster who wants to stop the stigma of substance use

disorder and help moms of addicted loved ones find hope, courage, and support so

they can identify their superpower and help change the addiction landscape.

I had the privilege of meeting Michelle at the Igniting Souls Conference in 2021. She has such an inspirational message of hope. I know you will be blessed knowing her and her story. Here is our Q and A.

Tell us a little about your journey in writing Unhackable Moms of Addicted

Loved Ones, Closing the Gap Between Havoc and Hope. How did you know this

was the book you needed to write?

When my son and daughter-in-law were struggling with addiction, I thought they

would die. Nothing I was doing helped so I started researching and realized that I

didn’t know much. I shared what I was learning with moms in my podcast and in

my first book, Moms Letting Go Without Giving Up, Seven Steps to Self-Recovery.

(Free ebook at

Along the way, I made it my goal to reach one million moms. That’s when I

decided to create a 30-day program that could be shared across the United States

(and maybe other countries too).

Moms are the best people to stop this

epidemic. We are the most emotional and passionate about helping our children.

If you could only offer one word of encouragement or piece of advice to a

person struggling with addicted loved ones, what would it be?

HOPE. Find hope. Where is that for you? I call myself the Chief Hope Builder. I’m

often looking for ways to bring that to moms. It’s important for them to never give

up, to find what they’re looking for.