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Being a Marigold

I recently came across a list of birthday month flowers. I was encouraged to find the flower for the month of October is the Marigold. Why would I be encouraged by this little flower?

Here are a few things you may not know about Marigolds. . .

  • Marigolds attract pollinators. Planting them by your vegetable is an open invitation for bees and other pollinating insects to come.

  • Marigolds repel pests. They have a pungent odor that will keep unwanted guests out of your garden.

  • Marigolds protect other plants around them. They produce a toxin from that kills microscopic worms, keeping them from eating other plant's roots.

A few years ago, I heard a teacher speak about Marigolds and she challenged us to be like this sweet little flower.

Here are a few indicators you might be a Marigold. . .

  • If you are a Marigold, you will attract others. People want to be around you and your positivity will spread.

  • If you are a Marigold, you will repel gripers and complainers. When you don't feed into another's misery, they will leave and find someone else who will.

  • If you are a Marigold, you are sensitive to those around you. You put their needs in front of your own and if necessary, fight for them!

To be honest, I've struggled a bit with some of these this past month and was grateful to be reminded of this amazing tiny flower. Whether at home, at work, or at church, I am determined be a Marigold. How about you?

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