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Small Fries

Last month, I attended the Igniting Souls Conference. The electricity from the authors, speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs that gathered together was out of this world. This year's theme was Bigger than Me. So appropriate, because when you have that many thought leaders, creatives, and innovators in one building some big things are bound to happen.

I'm impressed with the direction Igniting Souls is going. They are furthering their impact and expanding their services by protecting authors IP in web3. If you are unfamiliar with web3 and the metaverse you definitely want to grab our CEO's book Blockchain Life. Kary Oberbrunner breaks down the terms and implications beautifully.

Blockchain Life

Personal Reflection/Takeaway from the Conference-

As a new author, I've often thought of myself as small fries, not really capable of much bigger.

It was kind of like a safety phrase-- I'm just a girl from South Arkansas. Small blog. Small sales. Small impact. It's all fine because I am small fries.

Time to upsize my thinking--large fries, extra salt.

It's time to dream big and make the most impact I can for the Lord.

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